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Formation History

Tony Buoi Sang Fund initially began as a charitable organization founded by ambitious young Vietnamese individuals.

Driven by the mission to support children through every step of their journey, overcoming life's challenges, nurturing their dreams, and bringing warmth to those in need.

October 2020

The Foundation's roots lie in a group of young volunteers who came together to support flood victims in Central Vietnam.

December 2020

A total of 17 orphans have been sponsored.

January 2021

Establish functional committees to oversee operations: Executive, Review, Communications, Secretariat, and Finance.

December 2021

A total of 77 orphans have been sponsored.

January 2022

Recruiting specialized personnel: Secretaries and Communications Officers.

December 2022

A total of 200 orphans have been sponsored.

December 2023

A total of 255 orphans have been sponsored.

Phases of growth

Member of the Foundation

Starting with 20 founding members from the Tony Buoi Sang production team, our members are spread across provinces and cities in Vietnam. Now, after three years, the number of members has nearly doubled.

The Foundation team is still striving every day to sponsor more children and bring more joy to them!


We are deeply grateful for your ongoing partnership. With your continued support, we can create a brighter future for orphaned children.

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